Additional Services

Limitorque Valve Actuators

We handle Parts, overhauls, new units, electric conversions, and more.

Call us for new or used parts that you can not find anymore Complete new units and  furnished to your conditions and specifications by factory trained people.

High Performance Coatings

Surface Preparation and Coating Specialists Life extension of cooling towers, coating of secondary containment structures for fuels or acid or caustics, fuel oil tank coatings, condensate return tanks, floor coatings etc.. Use our experience to get the best results for your application.  Coatings over concrete, steel, cast iron, aluminum,  etc.

Heat exchanger life extension and repair

Surface preparations:

  •     Shot blasting
  •     Diamond Grinding
  •     Scarifying
  •     High Pressure washing
  •     Sponge Blasting
  •     Sealing, Resurfacing and Repair

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Retubing of old units
  • New shell and tube units.
  • Onsite repairs and retubing if required.

You only need to provide us with application details, metals used and dimensions, along with Location of separators, type of metals for tubing and headers, fluids, temperatures and pressures.

More information is available directly from us, or via out supplier

NDE Failure Prevention/Life Extension of HRSG’s and other metal components

Proto Mfg provides a field service that measures strain and stress . This data could be used to track and or identify critical high stress components in HRSG’s such as boiler tubes and steam drums. Due to the high stress levels in economizers and other tubes at the headers and steam drums from rapid thermal cycling, these tubes are failing. In some cases headers and drums have separated from tubes. There is considerable concern that each thermal cycle accelerated by the speed of bringing the unit on line and other factors dramatically shortens the cycle life of the unit. Proto’s non-destructive measurements on these components will help to indicate high stress/ strain areas to prevent future problems.

Coen Burner Gun Nozzle Disassembly Tool

This unique two piece nozzle tool holds the nozzle for quick and easy disassembly and  assembly.  Simply bolt the base to your bench.

The nozzle punch holder holds the tip so that it can be punched out thru the center for disassembly.