Custom Gaskets


Flexitallic brand, spiral wound cg gaskets of all sizes shapes and styles including special sizes and cgi those with inner rings. These are the standard in the industry for spiral wound gaskets.  Special Flexitallic designs to meet other requirements such as heat exchanger gaskets, valve bonnet gaskets, Flexpro gaskets…

GE & Westinghouse

Gaskets for GE Turbines. Many OEM part numbers can be identified. Gaskets for GE steam turbines. Steam chest soft iron, access doors, hydrogen coolers, etc..  Westinghouse Steam Turbine gaskets including Hydrogen coolers, access doors, steam chest soft iron, inner and outer casing gaskets, LP, HP etc..

Many identified by OEM part numbers, and if you have an old unit Contact Us


We have provided successful gasket programs for HRSG steam drums for the last 15 years. Due to rapid changes in temperature and pressure HRSG steam drums require special gasketing. Standard spiral gaskets should not be used. We can provide the correct program package to help prevent gasket failure. Common shapes include, oblong and round.

Gasket materials, installation and other factors must be correct for a  successful no leak condition. A complete review of your application is necessary.


Live loading flange designs are available to assist in failure prevention for problem leaks. These designs help reduce the possibility of failure from gasket unloading due to changes in temperature by keeping a constant load on the gasket. We can provide bolts and springs for live loading your gaskets. Material selection is dependent upon your conditions.

 Selco Sealed

Selco Seal Gaskets are great for those special gasket problems where others have failed. Almost any configuration from standard flange gaskets to heat exchangers. Their unique design makes a seal using graphite or some other medium to contact the flanges and is contained by the stainless steel gasket  corrugations. Approved by the US Navy , API, ANSI, various other specs.

Standard flange sizes fit all pressure ranges from 150-2500 using the same gasket. Great for reducing your inventory and having an emergency substitute for a Flex.. We are distributors for this unique gasket.


Topog-E Gaskets are well known for their excellent sealability  in low pressure applications.

We are authorized distributors for these molded  rubber gaskets. A wide variety of sizes and shapes are available for boilers, and other applications. Configurations include Manhole and Handhole gaskets for low pressure boilers and cold applications. They are excellent for sealing old flanges where spiral gaskets leak due to flange imperfection or deterioration. These are molded gaskets as opposed to cut rubber gaskets offered by others. They have been a success for many years in low pressure applications.