Advanced Graphite Sheets

A full range of materials is available from red rubber to high performance and high temperature products.

  • Style AP 6500  -sheet or cut gaskets-This product represents the highest quality multilayer high strength sheet material comprising of 0.5mm thick layers of dense graphite and multiple layers of stainless foil. A superior high temperature higher pressure graphite and foil product. Excellent sealing and very good rebound.
  • Style 6300ss- sheet or cut gaskets -Single foil layer with graphite on each side. This product has been the standard in high temperature and high pressure sealing. Union Carbide Grafoil products available by style.
  • Style 6300m Graphite layers with mylar provides ease of cutting and handling. Excellent sealing for imperfect flanges, high temperature not for high pressures.
  • Style 3000 Carbon sheet – High temperature and high pressure sheet.  Dense and somewhat stiff, good handling Fair rebound.